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We offer a wide variety of high end and competitive priced hardwood

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Decorating the floors of Lazy Bear restaurant in San Francisco with the Curved Collection. The unique design and cuts of these hardwood tiles give the space a cozy and rustic yet contemporary  and modern look.

— John Doe, Lazy Bear Manager


“Featured in the Kaisergarten Hotel in Deidesheim, Germany, the Curved collection gives the elegant hallways a warm and cozy environment suitable for the small German town. ”

— Jane Doe, Kaisergarten Manager


From the vision of Santiago Estevez and his wife Luli Abascal comes Storia; a dream to curate and offer the most premium flooring solutions.


Coming from a family that has been immersed in the industry for over 30 years, Santiago has developed strategic and commercial alliances with some of the most premium floor manufacturers from around the world.


This, combined with the exquisite taste and service driven personality of Luli, have allowed for the couple to make Storia into what it is today; a company that delivers not only extraordinary products, but the highest and most personalized service and expertise to help transform any space into more than just a place.

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