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Miami flooring experts
We offer a curated selection of high end customizable flooring



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Classic, elegant, warm and unique, this collection is the most technically advanced option in the market and stands as the number one choice for Pritzker Prize architects and leading developers. Known for its impeccable quality and its wide range of customizable floors.

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A unique and elegant collection with a focus on artistry and craftsmanship, this range strives to produce high quality products at affordable prices with an on going commitment to service and professionalism.

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This collection is the first manufactured flooring that follows a tree's natural growth and creates the most natural modular flooring system possible. Preserves  eight universal shapes from the infinite choices of nature.

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This collection offers seven masterfully curated collections of finished hardwood floors at a very affordable price, the best option for a conservative yet modern investment. price accessible  

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This collection consists of European and Brazilian Oak which is less common to source than other hardwood flooring options, making this collection unique and durable. 

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Hailing from Northern Wisconsin, known to produce some of the finest hardwood floors in North America, our American Walnut is available in lengths up to 10’ long.


Our hardwood flooring can be customized in several formats:


  • Regular Planks  

  • Chevron 

  • Herringbone

  • Versailles 

  • Modular Design


You may select from four different grades according to the amount of knots and with over 80 colors to choose from with the option to customize a hue.


The new technology "True Balance,"

has an extra bottom layer of hardwood within the three layers which provide more stability and resistance against humid conditions.

  • First layer: French Oak Top Layer is produced with the highest sawing and cutting technology. 

  • Second layer: Marine Birch Plywood brings maximum stability that prevents deformations and warps, even on larger planks. 

  • Third layer: Counterbalance Oak Bottom Layer is an anti-warping layer made from laminated and providing the best dimensional performance.

true balance technology

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